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Product care - Latex

PRODUCT CARE LATEX CLOTHING The most important thing to start with: never use baby oil or other greasy products to treat latex! Latex will be irreversibly damaged. Therefore, only use special products for the care and protection of latex! To enjoy your latex clothing for a long time while preserving its shine and beauty, you only need to follow a few simple rules. Proper storage of latex clothing Washed and dried latex clothing should first be treated with silicone oil before storage. This will prevent the latex from sticking during storage in the first place and will also give it a shiny effect. Another very important thing is that the latex never comes into contact with direct sunlight. Neither during drying nor storage. UV radiation can irreversibly damage the material and degrade its coloring. It is therefore important to store latex in a dark place. Latex garments should not come into contact with other textiles, metal objects, or other latex items. This can cause staining or unwanted discoloration. Lighter latex colors are particularly susceptible to this. Proper washing of latex clothing Ideally, latex should be washed immediately after use. Grease and sweat will damage the latex and shorten its life. It is, therefore, best to wash latex by hand in lukewarm water in the sink or the bath with only a little mild shampoo. Adding a tablespoon of silicone oil will give the latex an even sheen and prevent it from sticking together. Avoid washing gels, detergents, or other cleaners! Correctly putting on latex clothing Beginners in particular often struggle with how to put on tight latex clothing correctly and comfortably. Long nails in particular can cause great damage to latex. It's a good idea to use as few as possible when dressing and to take care not to dig into the material. When dressing, please do not use lotions or creams. The best help to get into tight latex clothing is always silicone oil! This is commonly used in the cosmetic industry, so it is of course dermatologically tested, it is fat-free, odorless, and tasteless, and it also has the very pleasant "side effect" of nourishing the skin and making it pleasantly soft. It also has great lubricating and massaging properties, so it is suitable for slippery latex play. What to watch out for? Especially copper and other non-ferrous metals, which turn latex pink on contact. And metals in general. Various metal parts, accessories, jewelry, buttons, coins, belt buckles, or shoes can leave stains on latex that cannot be removed. Contact with body care products, perfumes, or make-up can be equally damaging to latex. Generally speaking - the lighter the latex, the more susceptible it is to staining. Plastics and plastics can also damage latex. Especially if it contains plasticizers. Even toys made of silicone or other soft materials should not be in direct contact with latex for unnecessarily long periods, such as overnight. The material may start to ripple. If you follow these simple rules, you will greatly extend the life of your latex pieces and make your experience with them more enjoyable.