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Product care - Leather

Why do I have to take care of my leather things? Many people will find that leather products have a long life and durability. However, without regular maintenance and treatment, these properties will eventually be lost, which can lead to irreversible damage to your favorite product. Leather is a living natural material and, like wood, reacts to its surroundings and therefore constantly works ‘‘. Regular long-term maintenance also functions as effective prevention, which is likewise definitely cheaper than any possible repairs. Prevention In the same way that we impregnate various everyday objects or take care of our skin, there are special balms for leather products that treat the skin and create a protective film that nourishes the skin and restores its natural appearance. The application of a protective product is not permanent and should be repeated regularly to ensure that our products keep you happy for as long as possible and maintain the best quality. The skin may change color or acquire a patina during use. Keep this in mind during maintenance - if the leather becomes soaked, it can develop color maps, similar to the use of unsuitable chemicals. Tanning still works and gives life to leather products. So don't forget that leather can easily change over time and take on a distinctive character. However, the most important thing to consider when selecting and before purchasing your leather toy is what it is intended to do. Improper use and stress can ruin your leather product. Dirt removal, maintenance, and impregnation of leather In our range you will most often find products made of smooth leather, i.e. they have a smooth and shiny surface and any defect or dirt is immediately visible. Removing minor dirt is very simple, it can be removed with lukewarm water with a little soap and a soft cloth. A characteristic feature of smooth leather is that it is easy to form grooves and scratches from various objects or, for example, nails. Beeswax products can help you in this situation. Most of the similar grooves are easy to polish and fix unless they are very deep. These beeswax products are also the overall answer to the question of care, maintenance, and impregnation - the material is nourished and thus not in danger of cracking and swelling. The wax also revives the original color of the product while protecting it from moisture, which is damaging to the leather. But always use it only on smooth leather. Wax application procedure: Apply a thin, even layer to the surface of the product. Spread evenly in a circular motion with a soft cloth or perhaps a dish sponge. Smoothed leather is porous and the wax will slowly absorb. For the best impregnation result, it is advisable to spread another layer after some time (leave it to work overnight, for example). How to treat leather products: Never use chemicals or detergents that may degrease the leather and are not intended for leather treatment. Never use waxes or creams on shoes - they have different properties and may not be safe for our type range. Wrap the product in protective packaging when not in use. Never leave products exposed to sunlight for long periods. Never soak leather products! If the product is wet, always dry it manually. Never dry with heat! Heating, fireplace, hairdryer, etc. will cause hardening and possible deformation. When removing stains, clean the product as a whole - never just a part. Avoid mechanical damage. To maintain nubuck and suede leather, use products designed for this type of leather. Do not use pastes and creams to care for smooth leather!