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Product care - Wood

Wood products can stay as good as new with relatively easy care. After use, there may be a small amount of sweat or other body fluids on the slapper. Our products are impregnated only with natural oils, so you can easily wipe them with a damp napkin/cloth if necessary. Perfumed and alcohol-based cleaners can damage the surface, so we do not recommend using them. After a while, the product may lose its shine or give a dry impression. Apply a small amount of oil (e. g. flax, hemp, camellia) to the napkin or cloth and rub it into the wood. It is simply applied with a kitchen towel, napkin, or cloth. After a few minutes, wipe off the excess oil. Allow at least 24 hours to rest before use so that the oil has enough time to soak. If you apply too much oil, wipe the wood with a cloth and let it rest for as much as one to two days so that the oil can soak up. Oiled products do not need to be dried mechanically, e. g. in front of a fan or placed on a heater. Your toy is ready for use again if you do not feel any oil residue when you touch it. Whenever you store the products for later use, you have to make sure they are completely dried. Wood can absorb moisture, which causes it to warp, split, deform the material. Therefore, the place of storage is also crucial. It must be clean and dry, out of direct sunlight and moisture. If you do not want the slapper to be "pinched" or scratched in your bag with other products, consider putting it in a bag or wrapping it in a piece of cloth (scarf, etc.). When using lubricating gels, we recommend using only water-based ones. Others may affect the surface properties of the wood