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business owner and versatile artist

Apart from the fair sex, he also likes to play with natural materials. He learned to work with it in Scout and perfected it under the guidance of a deserving artist and sculptor in the workshop of an amateur puppet theater. Artwork is his partner for life. His heart. Scutica calls him Sir.


company director and guru

Her position is director. She likes to organize, arrange and take things to another level. She loves erotica and loves to earn with it even more. When guys don't know what's best for them, they ask Kristy.


magician and artist

His heart belongs to wood, which he can literally do magic with. But before he found his way to it and dusted off his grandfather's chisels, he dabbled in computer graphics. He makes what he sees in their eyes for Jan and Kristýna. You can see his magic in our e-shop.